Kelly Capoccia was licensed in Cosmetology, by the State of California, after attending Newberry’s School of Beauty at the young age of 17. Kelly worked in a salon for a short period and decided to further her love of the arts by attending Makeup School in Los Angeles. She graduated after completing the makeup and the advanced prosthetics course(s). Immediately after graduating, Kelly was offered a job at Matthew Mungle’s Special FX shop, W.M. Creations. Kelly did a mass amount of silicone painting, hair work, gelatin and silicone runs and mold making for W.M. Some of her work through the shop include televisions shows such CSI, NCIS, House, Shameless; and films such as Inception, The Butler, Hangover 3, Ten etc… After six years of employment at W.M. Kelly chose to take a leap into permanently working as a freelance artist. Shortly after, in July of 2013 Kelly became a member of the Local 706 (hair and makeup) Union.

Over the last eight years, Kelly has built her resume in all aspects of the beauty industry. She has had the opportunity to work on everything including chart topping films, commercials, television, print, music videos, web and formal events. Kelly has had the opportunity to work directly with a vast amount of A-list actors and directors in her career thus far. Kelly has worked with the likes of Billy Bob Thorton, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio and the list goes on… From blood, guts and gore to delicate weddings, character body painting to period hair styling, you could say Kelly is a jack of all trades. Her work speaks for itself, and she’s a fantastic instructor!

Kelly is mostly known for her character, comic, and cartoon-like makeup that she brings to life…these photos below of her work have not been altered, it’s all makeup!

Kelly's Work

Kelly Capoccia
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