"My Experience as a former Student from the courses, Beauty, Special FX Makeup and Hairstyling at Hollywood Makeup Academy has been a remarkable one. It changed my life. My instructor Nikki Greene shared greatly with us her Makeup and Hairstyling knowledge which has opened a new career for me, now I have my own business as an Independent Makeup Artist and Hairstylist working in the various entertainment industries, Films, music videos, high fashion and weddings. I am so glad I attended these classes, I highly recommend Nikki Greene and the Hollywood Makeup classes. She is indeed an amazing teacher."
- Wendy Sutherland
"Getting taught makeup by Nikki Greene was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. I went from not knowing the purpose of primer to doing makeup for my sister's wedding, a friend's wedding and several independent films all within 2 years of taking classes. Whether you learn better through lectures, research or hands on - Nikki is the perfect instructor. Her classes give you all of the above making it perfect for every "type" of learner. She has a wealth of knowledge on products, techniques, expectations on set - along with personal experiences to back her claims. Makeup (be it beauty, special effects, bridal, period or high fashion) can be an overwhelming journey and you need someone with the patience and knowledge to give you the right skills required of you. I cannot think of anyone better for that role than Nikki, and the talented team of instructors at Hollywood Makeup Academy."
- Tracy Stewart
"Hello everyone! My name is Eliza, I took Beauty, TV & Film, Bridal, and High Fashion makeup at Hollywood Makeup Academy. I want to let you know a little bit of what we covered while taking the course. I thought I knew everything there was to know about how to apply the perfect make up, but little did I know all the techniques and secrets I hadn’t yet learned! When I started the courses with Hollywood Makeup Academy I quickly realized I wasn't the make up queen I thought I was. I learned that every skin type and tone are different, I learned all about how to choose the right colors, and as a professional make up artist I need to know and recognize this as well as communicate with our clients. I learned every step of how to get jobs, prep skin, apply makeup sanitarily, properly and how to be successful in the industry. Along with that, we covered * how to contour the face * how and where to apply eyeshadow * how to shape and shade in eyebrows * how to create the perfect eyeliner/wing * how to apply lashes * you learn all about period makeup all the way to present * you learn how to apply make up in different lighting * how to apply make up for film and photography and television * you will learn all about the film , photography and television industry from knowing who the top director to the hairstylist to the top makeup artist on set is and who you take direction by…and so much more! There are so many great classes to take! I guarantee you will know and have every question answered after taking any of these courses with Nikki Greene and her talented team of instructors at Hollywood Makeup Academy. I hope this will help you get a bit of an understanding of what to look forward to."
-Eliza Cortez
"I enrolled in Nikki Greene's Film & TV, High Fashion, Bridal, and Retro Makeup courses. I also took multiple Special FX Classes with an open mind (being that my makeup knowledge was average). It exceeded my expectations to which now led me to a career in Makeup. The curriculum was extensive and instructors were knowledgeable with the latest trends and fashions to working professionally in film and television."
-Kim Romo
"I had been doing make up for fun for a while, but always wanted to try it as a professional. I was able to enroll in the Hollywood Makeup Academy Beauty class with Nikki as my instructor. She taught me very important skills that will be valuable in my make up career. I was very pleased with not only her teaching skills, but also her knowledge in the movie industry. So much that I also enrolled in her Special FX class. I encourage everyone who has ever been curious to work in the make up industry to take a class at the Hollywood Makeup Academy, you will learn so much!"
-Myra Morales
"I've enjoyed taking classes from Nikki Greene. She is a no nonsense instructor who encourages things like hard work and follow through. Since graduating her program she has always made herself available to me for questions and recommendations as she honestly believes in constantly bettering oneself and the profession. Within a year of graduating, I work regularly with several photographers, do special event makeup, have worked on some film projects, and run a successful make up blog. I would recommend Nikki's seminars to anyone who is serious about Make Up Artistry and the entertainment industry."
-Jennifer Tousey
"Being mentored and taught by Nikki Greene and The Hollywood Makeup Academy has been a challenging experience but more importantly, it has been one of the best learning experiences I've ever had. I have been lucky to have the opportunity to learn so much from Ms. Greene on what it takes to become a great makeup artist in both beauty and special effects. She not only teaches the basic and essential knowledge of these fields, she also gives her students insight and advice based on her personal experiences in the industry. Ms. Greene has been a wonderful mentor to me by constantly challenging to do my very best and encouraging me to continue to pursue my passion as she has. She is a role model whom I look up to with high regard and respect for always working so hard throughout her days as a makeup artist and hairstylist on sets to her nights teaching her students and sharing her knowledge in the classroom. I’m proud that at eighteen years old I received my certification for beauty makeup artistry a week before my high school graduation and as a current college student I can continue to gain more knowledge from her in her special effects and hairstyling classes simultaneously. If it weren’t for Ms. Greene’s classes, that would not have been possible. Ms. Greene is constantly professional, helpful, diligent, and supportive in her work and in the classroom. She is always more than happy to offer critique on her student’s work when asked and reminds us to constantly strive to perfect our skills and techniques within our crafts. It has been a privilege to be Ms. Greene’s student thus far and with the education I’ve received from her I intend to use it to pursue my career goals."
-Analisa Blancarte
"The first class I took was hair styling for film, fashion, and photo shoots. In this class I learned how to use the tools and great techniques for doing hair. We learned every decade and period styles, always learning new techniques. I had so much fun while learning how to style hair. During this time I found out about the makeup classes and in that moment I had in my mind that I'll take that class too. The make up class was so exciting and interesting. Every day, and hour of the class the time just flew by because I enjoyed every moment. My teachers would share a little background and experience they had working on set as a makeup artist. This was really helpful to get prepared for working in the industry. Next I took the Special FX Make Up workshops with Hollywood Makeup Academy. This kind of make up is something strong and you can have fun doing it. This course is very interesting and detailed on how to make realistic characters and creations of your own. I really enjoyed these classes too. I feel so lucky because I had the best instructors, I like their style of teaching and how they share their knowledge with the students. In addition I feel confident to say that I had the best instructors for these classes, as I mentioned before. Thank you so much Hollywood Makeup Academy for everything."
-Gisela Macias
"I am very glad that I had the chance to take Nikki’s master makeup class with Hollywood Makeup Academy. I was new to the U.S. and I didn’t know much English but I gained a considerable amount of knowledge about make up through her class. We learned how to do actual make up from different decades throughout the world. I was and still am very proud of the Indian bridal make up I did for the bridal makeup section of our class. Of course in addition to this we also learned modern make up: highlighting, contouring, smoky eyes, overall every day make up and how make up designed for photography differs from everyday make up. Now I use my knowledge from this class in my work and I have gained a great amount of clients. I am very grateful to Nikki and her assistant Evelyn because today I’m able to do what I love."
-Ellen M.