• "The first class I took was hair styling for film, fashion, and photo shoots. In this class I learned how to use the tools and great techniques for doing hair..."
    -Gisela Macias
    "Getting taught makeup by Nikki Greene was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. I went from not knowing the purpose of primer to doing makeup for my sister's wedding..."
    - Tracy Stewart
    "Hello everyone! My name is Eliza, I took Beauty, TV & Film, Bridal, and High Fashion makeup at Hollywood Makeup Academy. I want to let you know..."
    -Eliza Cortez
    "Being mentored and taught by Nikki Greene and The Hollywood Makeup Academy has been a challenging experience but more importantly, it has been one of the best learning..."
    -Analisa Blancarte
    "I am very glad that I had the chance to take Nikki’s master makeup class with Hollywood Makeup Academy. I was new to the U.S. and I didn't know much English but I gained a considerable..."
    -Ellen M.
    "I had been doing make up for fun for a while, but always wanted to try it as a professional. I was able to enroll in the HMA Beauty class with Nikki..."
    -Myra Morales
    "I've enjoyed taking classes from Nikki Greene. She is a no nonsense instructor who encourages things like hard work and follow through..."
    -Jennifer Tousey
    "I enrolled in Nikki Greene's Film & TV, High Fashion, Bridal, and Retro Makeup courses. I also took multiple Special FX Classes with an open mind It exceeded ..."
    -Kim Romo
    "My Experience as a former Student from the courses, Beauty, Special FX Makeup and Hairstyling at Hollywood Makeup Academy has been a remarkable one...."
    - Wendy Sutherland

Student Benefits


Students who have fully paid for a class may retake it for free!  You may retake the class for up to 2 years after the completion of the class for which you first registered.  You can retake that class in any city it is offered.


The following rules apply:

• There must be space for you to attend, so confirmation may not be until 4 days prior to the class start.

• You must bring your brushes to use in class unless you’d like to purchase a brush kit.

• There is a daily product fee if you choose to participate in the hands on portion of the class. $25.00 a day for beauty classes, and $60.00 a day for special effects classes. If you choose not to participate and just watch the instructor demos and lectures you are welcome to join us at no charge.

• If you are participating in the photo shoot at the end of the Beauty Makeup Week then the cost of the photo shoot and photos combined will be $325.00.

• Hollywood Makeup Academy reserves the right to refuse any former student the ability to retake a class for any reason.