Prosthetics Class W/ Keaghlan Ashley – Making Monsters in San Diego

Our most recent Prosthetics Application Workshop with instructor Keaghlan Ashley was a great success! We were in San Diego making all kinds of monsters, creatures, and characters. This was a hands-on workshop with full demonstrations and training on day 1 by our talented instructor Keaghlan Ashley, pro-makeup artist from season 7 of SyFy’s Face Off! Then our students applied a full face prosthetic on each other, painted them, and put together their very own character creation.


Our students were from all different skill levels and everyone was able to complete a fantastic, professional level full character makeup. Everyone did a great job and had so much fun in the class. We can wait for our next workshop, we have so many new locations on our list! New Orleans, Houston, and Nashville are up next…check out our full event list so you won’t miss out!


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