• "I've enjoyed taking classes from Nikki Greene. She is a no nonsense instructor who encourages things like hard work and follow through..."
    -Jennifer Tousey
    "I had been doing make up for fun for a while, but always wanted to try it as a professional. I was able to enroll in the HMA Beauty class with Nikki..."
    -Myra Morales
    "Getting taught makeup by Nikki Greene was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. I went from not knowing the purpose of primer to doing makeup for my sister's wedding..."
    - Tracy Stewart
    "I am very glad that I had the chance to take Nikki’s master makeup class with Hollywood Makeup Academy. I was new to the U.S. and I didn't know much English but I gained a considerable..."
    -Ellen M.
    "Hello everyone! My name is Eliza, I took Beauty, TV & Film, Bridal, and High Fashion makeup at Hollywood Makeup Academy. I want to let you know..."
    -Eliza Cortez
    "The first class I took was hair styling for film, fashion, and photo shoots. In this class I learned how to use the tools and great techniques for doing hair..."
    -Gisela Macias
    "My Experience as a former Student from the courses, Beauty, Special FX Makeup and Hairstyling at Hollywood Makeup Academy has been a remarkable one...."
    - Wendy Sutherland
    "Being mentored and taught by Nikki Greene and The Hollywood Makeup Academy has been a challenging experience but more importantly, it has been one of the best learning..."
    -Analisa Blancarte
    "I enrolled in Nikki Greene's Film & TV, High Fashion, Bridal, and Retro Makeup courses. I also took multiple Special FX Classes with an open mind It exceeded ..."
    -Kim Romo

Payment Plans

Hollywood Makeup Academy offers a payment plan for our students. You put only 50% down to start. There is no interest, just a small processing fee. The payment plan is secured by using a valid credit card.

To get started call us at (323) 601-7654 or email us at info@thehollywoodmakeupacademy.com.

The Payment Plan breakdown

$1499.00 Classes

$749.50 to enroll then
$250.00/month for 3 months

$899.00 Classes

$449.50 to enroll then
$150.00/month for 3 months

$849.00 Classes

$424.50 to enroll then
$142.00/month for 3 months

$599.00 Classes

$299.50 to enroll then
$100.00/month for 3 months

$549.00 Classes

$274.50 to enroll then
$92.00/month for 3 months

Payment plans begin on the 1st of the month after you register, but you have the option to start your payment plan earlier, or put more than the 50% down payment if you wish. Each class is a separate payment plan with a separate contract. You may sign up for multiple classes using our payment plan option, and you don’t have to wait for one payment plan to end to begin another. There is no penalty for paying off a payment plan early.

A payment plan is a serious contract. There are serious consequences for not fulfilling your contractual payment obligations. Make sure you are capable of completing the required payment structure before you enter into this contract. If you are more than 5 days late in making any payment, you will be assessed a $30.00 late fee which will be added to the installment principal for that month. If you are more than 10 days late in making any payment, Hollywood Makeup Academy may declare that the entire balance of unpaid principal is due immediately, together with all processing and late fees that have accrued. In the unlikely event of your failure to pay the amount due, you will be subject to collection expenses, court costs, attorney fees, and travel related expenses necessary for Hollywood Makeup to recover your unpaid debt.

Students who register for a class using a payment plan will not receive their Certificate until their payment plan is successfully completed. Students who register for Beauty Makeup Week & Portfolio Photo Shoot will not receive their Certificate or photo shoot pictures until their payment plan is successfully completed. Please don’t hesitate to call (323) 601-7654 or e-mail us at info@thehollywoodmakeupacademy.com with any further questions.