Picture Perfect Eyes

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Lizzy Polanco and I have been doing makeup since 2006. I have experience in bridal, men’s grooming, special occasions, print, tv/film makeup.

The last couple of months I have been doing makeup work for film as well as special occasion makeup for events with well known makeup brands.

Besides doing a lot of beauty makeup, I also do a lot of men’s grooming. I most recently worked for a production company that conducts the interview portions you see in your DVD features. The job itself was for Maleficent and the producers of that movie were being interviewed, so it was my job to get them camera ready. I evened out their complexion and brightened up the under eye to make them look really refreshed. I also set them with powder so they will not appear shiny in front of the camera and lighting. I also styled their hair to finish off the over all camera ready look. All in all, it was a fun shoot and they looked natural on camera.

When doing men’s grooming, you always have to be careful as to how much makeup you are applying. You want to make them look natural without making them appear as if they are wearing too much makeup, such as too much concealer or powder.

My class focus will be all about eyes. You will learn how to create beauty looks, the classic cat eye, false eyelash application, how to blend, and how to do makeup for different eye shapes. This is a great opportunity for the student to learn eye makeup application techniques, tips, and tricks so that they feel confident in applying their skills out of the classroom and unto their clients. If you’ve ever wanted to learn all about eyes or are simply looking to polish up your skills, then this is the class for you.

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Lizzy Polanco

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Lizzy Polanco began working in the makeup and beauty industry at 19. She is originally from Los Angeles and continues her work there as a professional makeup artist. Lizzy went to school for makeup specializing in film, TV, photography, period, bridal, fashion and special FX makeup. She has nearly a decade of experience working in the industry. Her work has been featured online, in magazines, in music videos, in film, and on the red carpet.