Getting Geared Up

Hi Everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so excited to meet you all and share my knowledge in this fantastic art!  Hollywood Makeup Academy has put together a team of brilliant artists who are not only multi-dimensional but truly excel in the art of makeup.  To many people these days forget that this is an art, all aspects of it. From refined eyeliner techniques, to full on character creations there is an art behind it all. So grab your brushes, your creativity and a positive attitude and lets create! -Kelly

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Kelly Capoccia

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Kelly Capoccia was licensed in Cosmetology, by the State of California, after attending Newberry’s School of Beauty at the young age of 17. From blood, guts and gore to delicate weddings, character body painting to period hair styling, you could say Kelly is a jack of all trades. Kelly is mostly known for her character, comic, and cartoon-like makeup that she brings to life. Her work speaks for itself, and she’s a fantastic instructor!